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We provide Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) which is a therapeutic approach rooted in the principles of learning and behavior. ABA therapy focuses on understanding the mechanisms of behavior, how the environment influences behavior, and how individuals learn. ABA therapy utilizes this understanding in practical scenarios, aiming to enhance behaviors beneficial for a child's success while reducing behaviors of concern that hinder learning and quality of life. Our therapy method is adaptable and personalized to suit the unique differences of each child. 

Art Class

Center-Based ABA Therapy

At our center, each child has opportunities to engage in social interactions with peers, practice school-readiness activities, and enhance overall social skills. The goal is to provide a consistent and enriching setting that fosters your child's development in a variety of areas, creating a foundation for future success.

Full Day

Focuses on targets in various developmental areas, including cognitive, communicative, social, emotional, adaptive functioning and decreasing behaviors of concern.

Half Day

Focuses on promoting social interactions, increasing peer engagement, and decreasing behaviors of concern.

Target Skill Areas

Functional Communication Skills

Increasing expressive and receptive communication. Communicating wants and needs.

Self-Help Skills

Activities of daily living, dressing, bathing, feeding, and basic hygiene.

Learner Readiness Skills

Increasing motor imitation, matching, categorizing, and sorting skills.

Social Skills

Increasing joint attention, conversation skills, interactive play, participating in small group activities.

Reducing Behaviors of Concern

Any behaviors of concern that hinder the child's learning or quality of life.

Why Choose Us?

Personalized Approach

We provide child-led ABA therapy that ensures our approach is effective and respectful of each child's needs and preferences.


Our staff all earn Safety Care Crisis Prevention certifications through Quality Behavior Solutions to support each child who may exhibit behaviors of concern.

Parent Involvement

We are your partner in progress. Our staff help you learn about effecitve strategies that can help your child learn new skills and ways to maintain those skills overtime.


We prioritize hiring highly qualified and experienced staff to help your child reach their fulest potential. Our staff are all currently or upon hire purusing certification through the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.

We accept

if you have another form of insurance, call us.

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