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Our Center


          Located next to a major hospital

          Each child has a private therapy room

          Half day and full day schedules

          Dimmable lights for light sensitivity    

          Interactive gross motor gym 

          Minimalist lunchrooms


Onsite parking 

Group therapy room

Innovative sensory spaces

Warm and welcoming colors 

Private parent/caregiver training space

Coordination of care with other providers

A Welcoming Environment

Our center is designed to be bright, happy, and fun - a place where children can thrive. The energy is infectious, and we believe that a positive atmosphere is essential for effective therapy. Smiles are abundant, and we love to have fun while working towards your child's progress.

Building Careers, Fostering Growth

We provide meaningful careers to individuals who share our passion for helping children with autism. We prioritize the growth and development of our employees, recognizing that their accomplishments directly impact the success of your child.

Autism Educational Toys
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