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Center for Autism North Shore

Our Mission

Our mission at the Center for Autism North Shore is to help children with autism navigate success on the spectrum.

We provide compassionate, collaborative and child-led Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy to children and families.  

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Young kids

Personalized Treatment Plans

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Evidenced-Based Practices


Our Approach

We provide child-led Applied Behavior Analysis therapy that ensures our approach is effective and respectful of each child's needs and preferences. We are committed to producing outcomes that improve an individual's skills and quality of life. Our goal is to deliver evidence-based therapy that affects meaningful and lasting growth. 

We put building a relationship with our families at the forefront of our work. In an effort to be the allies and advocates that our families deserve, we listen to different perspectives and embrace the neurodiversity movement.

Our Promise

In all our endeavors, we pledge to uphold our core values: respect for each child's individuality, dedication to evidence-based treatment, commitment to family and community engagement, and the pursuit of excellence in all our services.

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